Small business financing that drives results

Channel provides unsecured working capital financing to small and mid-sized businesses with an opportunity for growth and a need for short-term capital. This flexible financing can be used for any business need, allowing you to seize any opportunity and take on any challenge. We work with many industry types, driving small business success with up to $250,000 in financing.


Up to $250,000 in working capital

We work with many industries

Fast approvals, fast financing

Fast, simple process that puts the power in your hands.

You're approved

Once approved, funds will be transferred directly to your business account, often in as little as 24 hours. Although you may qualify for up to $250,000, you are not required to take the entire approved amount. Use only what you need.

Unused funds are available for 90 days; it is a simple process if you want access to more funds. Just reach out to your dedicated financing specialist and they will get you the funding you need.

Making payments

We offer daily, weekly and monthly repayment plans. This provides more flexibility and allows you to have more control over your working capital throughout the financing term.

As you approach the end of your term, we offer a simple renewal process so you can always access the financing your business needs to drive results and achieve success.

Fast and Easy Renewals

If you have a new opportunity to take advantage of, it is easy to renew your financing and get access to cash quickly. Channel has a dedicated team of representatives ready to assist you with any additional financing needs.

Our representatives take the time to listen to your needs, and provide guidance. We form strong relationships with our customers so we can truly help your business succeed.

“I haven’t found a better process, better people or a better term loan than Channel Partners Capital.”
Jackie Affonso
General Manager, Brannons Medical