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From foundational products to creative and customizable programs, Channel is committed to providing unique equipment finance and working capital solutions for your customers.

Our Products

Equipment Finance

Our expansive financing options give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and make you the long-term go-to source for customizable financing solutions for new and used equipment.

Our Equipment Finance Products

Equipment Credit Line (ECL)

Lines of credit that offer increased funding and allow for additional equipment purchases when needed.

  • Supports multiple equipment purchases
  • Adds value for your customers
Channel MAX10

A lease with end-of-term options to renew, return, or purchase for an FMV not exceeding ten percent.

  • Flexible end-of-term agreement
  • Capped 10% FMV
  • Additional commission opportunities
Channel Structured FMV

A unique lease option with 60/50/40 month terms and respective 6/5/4 month structured FMV payments for flexibility to OWN, renew, or return.

  • Variety of term options 
  • Monthly FMV payment options

Working Capital

Did you know that more than 56% of all businesses use working capital to grow? Additionally, equipment finance companies find that more than 70% of their customers utilize this funding during the term of their lease.

Our customized working capital solutions help you build deeper relationships with your customers by providing the cash they need to reach their goals — when they need it.

Our Working Capital Products

Bundled Working Capital

A seamless working capital attachment to equipment finance products to meet your customers’ holistic operational needs.

  • Offers additional financing without added complexity or paperwork
  • Works with your existing processes
Recurring Revenue

Channel helps you manage working capital renewals that generate significant recurring and concurrent income.

  • Your customer is always your customer
  • Concurrent customers are 2.5x more likely to renew

Partner Success Stories

Case Study: Fuel Growth by Expanding Product Offerings

Partner: A nationwide direct lender of equipment financing and working capital, funding $15-30MM per year Product: Bundled Working Capital – Equipment Finance + Working Capital automatically approves customers with premium credit for working capital with equipment finance approval Total Transaction Size: $125,000 Working Capital The Business Situation The Partner had an equipment finance deal that…

Case Study: Freight-Base

WORKING CAPITAL HELPS SHIPPING COMPANYEXPAND GLOBAL REACH By land, air or water, if it has to do with international shipping, Freight-Base is there. Located next to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Freight-Base is a U.S. customs broker, international freight forwarder, CCSF security screener and an ICC interstate and intrastate carrier.

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