Carpenter Expands His Business

For carpenters like Billy Dutcher, opportunities for growth come one project at a time.

Dutcher is the owner of Dutcher LLC in Cambridge, Minnesota, specializing in cabinetry installation, finished trim and other carpentry needs, particularly for commercial projects.

In the summer of 2018, a job came up that was much larger than the projects he normally worked on. To secure the bid, he would need a larger crew, and that meant having more money available to pay them.            

“If you double your guys, you need to double your cash on hand as well,” Dutcher said.

After searching around for possible funding sources, he came across Channel. With just a few quick phone calls and some basic credit information, Dutcher was able to secure the funding he needed to take on the job.

“We were in a bit of a tight spot and they pulled us right out of there, so I definitely appreciated it,” Dutcher said.


"We’re able to contract much more work than we were able to before. "

Billy Dutcher, Owner-Operator, Dutcher, LLC

The large project would prove to be a major boon for Dutcher’s business, using the profits to continually expand his team and take on more and more work. Dutcher previously used a regular crew of about three to four subcontractors. But now, he routinely runs a crew of 13 people, essentially quadrupling his staff. He said that kind of exponential growth would not have been possible without financing from Channel.

“We’re able to contract much more work than we were able to before,” Dutcher said. “It’s enabled me to grow a lot quicker, for sure.”



As a small business owner, it can be time consuming to secure financing from major banks. Dutcher talked to three or four other brokers as he pursued funding. But in the end, he found the deal from Channel was simply too good to pass up. Dutcher said he also appreciated the flexibility of payment options and was incredibly impressed by the speed of the deal. He said he called Channel on a Thursday, and by Friday afternoon he had the funds in his account.

“It was an incredibly smooth process,” Dutcher said. “I really have no complaints about how the deal was handled.”

"Channel Partners was more pleasant to work with, more transparent and offered better rates than anybody else I had talked to. "

Billy Dutcher, Owner-Operator, Dutcher, LLC


Part of what made the experience so pleasant for Dutcher was his Channel account manager. Dutcher said he felt like representatives at other financing companies were trying to push funding he didn’t need, or were deceptive about the cost and terms. He said the experience working with Channel was completely different, with his account manager always coming from a place of honesty and transparency.

“I didn’t get the slick, quick salesman vibe from him that I got from the other guys,” Dutcher said. “He was quick to get answers, quick to respond to things and he wasn’t overly pushy. He was just really easy to work with.”

For a small-business owner like Dutcher who needs to get things done quickly, that strong relationship proved extremely valuable.

“As an owner-operator, I don’t have a ton of free time,” Dutcher said. “Rather than calling and explaining myself for five hours, I can just call him up and he knows what I’m looking for.”

Dutcher has now completed several deals with Channel and is looking to grow his business even further. In an industry where having cash on hand is critical for paying subcontractors and maintaining vital business relationships, Dutcher said the funding provided by Channel is an essential part of his overall growth strategy.

“Channel Partners was more pleasant to work with, more transparent and offered better rates than anybody else I had talked to,” Dutcher said. “I’d wholeheartedly recommend them.”

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