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Are you ready to grow your business while helping your customers grow theirs?

It’s easy when you team up with us.

You can add lucrative working capital loans to your product offering without retraining or adding staff. And with fast, seamless approvals, your customers get access to working capital without disrupting your business.


Easy to Implement Easy to Implement

Want to offer working capital to your customers?
We make it easy.

You choose how involved you want to be with the process.

Funding Partners: Take the lead to offer and sell working capital to your customers. You manage the sale. Our team is here to support you though-out the process.

Referral Partners: Take advantage of our full-service Referral Partner Program
Turn-key Sales & Marketing
Simply send your referral to us and our specialized referral team will take it from there. One of our experts will contact your customer, on your behalf, to discuss how we can help them get the financing they need for their business. We handle everything for you.

  • Exclusively for equipment finance companies
  • No additional overhead – no new desks, staff, salaries, vacation time etc…
  • Industry experts contacting your customers
  • 10 years successfully closing deals for our partners
  • YOUR customer is always YOUR customer, long after the sale
  • Earn commissions on all new deals and renewals
  • Over 50% of our customers renew
  • Ongoing source of income
  • We do the work – you get the commissions!

Team Up with us and we’ll not only help you make money – we’ll help you build stronger relationships with your customers and keep them in-house.


Non-disruptive technology Non–Disruptive Technology


Take advantage of our industry-leading technology with ChannelXpress.

ChannelXpress is custom designed to help you add working capital to your product offering without disrupting the sales process.

  • Exclusively for equipment finance companies
  • Online, immediate approvals up to $50,000
  • Access to funding from $10,000 – $250,000
  • Immediately know how much you can offer your customers
  • Support your customers growth
  • Offer working capital before your customers look elsewhere
  • Create a new source of ongoing income
  • Keep YOUR customers YOUR customers

View our ChannelXpress brochure by clicking here.

ChannelXpress Comparison Chart

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Easy to Implement Expert Sales Team

TEAM UP with us and you’ll have industry experts on your team, working for you and your customers.

  • Over 10 years of industry expertise in every department:
  • Sales, Referrals and Renewals
  • Underwriting, Funding, Operations and Accounting
  • Marketing and IT
  • Portfolio Management
  • Our team of experts are active industry association members


In addition to our expertise, you can count on the CORE VALUES of our team and our business. Partners, customers and employees can count on these values to drive our relationships.

Core Values

These core values shape our team, relationships, business focus, strategy and growth. Our customers, partners and employees can count on these values to drive our relationships.

We celebrate each others efforts and achievements.
For peers, partners, and customers.
Connecting the right companies through new ideas, new methods, and new processes.
Focused on business, team, and individual development.
Our goal is to get you the funds you need with a quick and easy process.
Expect total transparency that allows for a fully informed decision at no cost or obligation.

TEAM UP with us today!


Nationwide Availability Nationwide Availability

TEAM UP and have a working capital product for customers in all 50 states.

Nationwide availability mapWe provide financing in all 50 states to ensure that all of your customers have access to working capital.


Retain Your Customers Retain Your Customers

Working capital marketYour customers are getting working capital from someone – why not from you?

Working capital lending is currently a $20B industry serving nearly 400,000 small business customers. It is estimated to reach $40B by the year 2020. It’s an enormous market that’s growing fast.

We can help you enter this market and provide the best working capital product for your customers.

Choose to Team Up with us and take advantage of:

  • A knowledgeable team to assist you in implementing working capital in your business without disrupting your sales process.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexibility
  • Fast and Easy processes from approval through funding
  • Products and programs to make working capital easy to implement:
  • ChannelXpress
  • Referral Partner Program
  • Sales Training
  • A company that never competes with you – Keeping YOUR customer YOUR customer
  • Earn commissions on all new deals and renewals

TEAM UP with us and before your customers look to alternative sources for their
financing, we’ll make sure they look to YOU.