Many working capital lenders are contacting your customers. Let Channel Partners Capital help you gain the advantage to keep your customer, Your Customer.

Protect Your House

Other Lenders are Contacting Your Customers

In addition to equipment financing, your customers also need access to working capital to help fuel their growth. The non-bank working capital lending market is projected to surpass $12 billion in lending in 2015. The tremendous growth in customer demand for alternative loan options has led to a flood of working capital lenders that are bypassing you and contacting your customers directly. In addition, many of these lenders also offer or may have plans to offer equipment finance options, and they want your customer.

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You Have the Advantage

If you aren’t asking your customers about their working capital needs, your competition is. You have them on the phone, keep your advantage. Ask them about their working capital needs and prevent the interference with your customers.

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At Channel Partners Capital, your customer is always your customer. Once you submit a deal to us, that customer remains attached to you in our database. Maybe your customer won’t take the deal today, but maybe next month, next year or even 5 years from now that customer will need working capital. These are still your customers and we pay you commission on the deals.

In addition, we have a 60% renewal rate on our funded deals and we pay you commission each time.

Keep your customer, Your Customer

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We are committed to your success. It is our goal to help you Protect Your House and Keep Your Customer Your Customer.

Call us today to learn more about how our underwriting experience, sales expertise, flexible programs and marketing tools can be tailored to meet your needs and help you Protect Your House with working capital options for your customers.

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Channel Partners Capital offers you flexible options to submit and work a deal. We can customize our process each time to your needs.

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